We are involved in Ginning & sourcing activity of Cotton since 1980. We understand the nuances of cottonmarket and its dynamics owing to the experience in our own ginning set up and sourcing we have been carrying out for domestic as well as overseas fully integrated spinning mills. We have a fully equipped HVI Cotton Testing Laboratory and trained team of selectors as well as operations team.

Responding to the demand of our overseas buyers we are one of the few suppliers offering Contamination Controlled Cotton to match the prices and quality of foreign origins like US and Australian Cotton. We have a system & method in place to make sure our Cotton has minimum acceptable tolerable contamination levels only. Our strengths liesin Ginning & Sourcing of Cotton.

Why source from us:

  • 9Our own modern 4 Star Rates Ginning Unit to meet the buyersstrictest specs
  • Established reputations as a quality supplier with assured service levels in Shipments , Testing , Inspection as well as in Export documentation
  • With access to Fully equipped HVI Laboratory quality can be assured at every stage from approval to shipment.
  • We are one of the few suppliers who are open to supplying Contamination Controlled Cotton & BCI Cotton

India is perhaps the only country in the world to grow short staple, Medium Staple, Long Staple as well as Extra Long Staple varieties of Cotton. Following are the Indian Varieties of Cotton we deal in:

Variety Growth Region (State) Staple Length (Range) (mm) Length (Inches) Micronaire Strength (GPT) Trash (%) Grade (ASM) End Use
Shankar-6 (S.6) Gujarat 27.50 to 29.50 1-1/8" to 1/5-32" 3.50 to 4.90 27 to 30 3 (+/-0.50) Middling to Good Middling Knitting Yarns
MECH 1 / H-4 Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh 27 to 29 1-3/32" + 3.50 to 4.90 27 3.5 Middling Weaving Yarns
MCU-5 Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka , Tamil Nadu , Orissa 30 to 33 1-1/5" to 1-1/4" 3.50 to 4.70 29.50 to 32 1.50 (+/-0.50) Middling to Good Middling to Lower Middling Weaving Yarns
J-34 Punjab , Haryana , Rajasthan 24 to 28 1-1/16" 3.50 to 4.90 26 to 27 3.50 to 4 Lower to Middling Weaving Yarns
Bunny /Brahma Maharashtra , Karnataka , Madhya Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh 29 to 32 1-5/32" to 1-1/4" 3.50 to 4.50 29 3.50 (+/-0.50) Middling to Good Middling Weaving Yarns
V.797 Gujarat 20 to 22 7/8" 4.50 to 5.60 17 to 18 12 (+/- 1) Lower Middling Open End

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