Bleached Cotton Linters

Bleached Cotton Linters (BCL)/ Cellulose Pulp is a high viscose fluffy high value fiber consists of highest proportion of cellulose with minimum amounts of non-cellulosic material as compared to other source of Cellulose like Wood Pulp. BCL a wide range of applications and they are:

  • Cotton linters pulp with medium to low viscosity used for manufacturer of Propellant Grade Nitrocellulose
  • BCL Pulp with high brightness us used for production of speciality Papers, Boards & Pads.
  • Very high to medium Viscosity Bleached cotton linters are used for manufacture of Cellulose Ethers such as CMC, PAC etc.
  • Purified cellulose for production of Industrial Notrocellulose, Cellulose Acetate & Speciality Papers.
Property Grade I
Alpha cellulose content % by mass 98.5% Min.
Moisture content % by mass 7%
Ash content mineral matter content % by mass 0.12% Max.
Degree of polymerisation(DP) 900-1300
Viscosity in cps in 0.5% Cuprammonium solution by Shirley Institute Test Method. 5.7 to 11cps
Acidity/Alkalinity Nil
Iron Content ppm 15 ppm Max.
Matter soluble in 3 % boiling alkali (3% soda solubility) 2.5% Max.
Ether soluble matter (% by mass) 0.25% Max.
Hydrophility(in secs) 2 Sec Max.
Sulphuric Luminosity 400+/-50
Iso Brightness 80 Min.

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